domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Learning English on the internet

How to learn English on the internet
Internet gives us a lot of opportunities to practise your English. Apart from the on line newspapers and dictionaries, you can find many web pages on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and so on. Even in the web page of our school you can find quite a lot of interesting links to learn and practise your English.Here you have some examples:

General English

Listening : very intersting, with a lot of material to practise : with different levels. There is also a radio station but I think it's much more interesting on tv.

As you probably know, the best way to find the lyrics of a song is using Google and introducing the first line between quotation marks; e.g. “Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away”. The other possibility is to join the title with the author with the symbol + in between, e.g. Yesterday+The Beatles. Nevertheless, here you have some sites to go through:

Other interesting sites free courses of different topics in American English with documentaries

Your textbook web page : this is the web page for your book of English. Here you have more activities to do.

For children
If you want to learn English with your children and have fun, try these pages:


This is to start with. If you surf on the net you'll find many interesting things to see and do. Try it!

More tips for the exam

Writing: here you are an exa mple of an email with some tips or this one and this example Listening: again go to this link to practise...