sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Revising modals and some idioms

Here you are a page with a good explanation of the difference between the most common modals: CAN - COULD - MAY - MIGHT. It's in Spanish and it's also quite clear, with a few examples, so you can have a look to check your knowledge of English modals. There is a list of idioms or common expressions which are quite interesting as well. To go to the link, click HERE. Once you've read this, try to do some exercises like the ones you can find here:

  • exercise 1 : quite easy but it's some practice
  • exercise 2 : some more exercises
  • exercise 3 : this page is to go further in your practice and more modals are included. There is a tutorial and exercises. It's quite useful. 
As you can see the level is not so high but it's worth revising simple things from time to time to check you still do them properly.

See you in short time!

PD: this post is also available on the other blog I have for intermediate students: 

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Practising some listening activities (NB1-NB2)

I've found some links with exercises from an interesting blog. The activities are easy and simple but I think it's good to refresh easy things to check you've already known them. The level is for NB1, but students of higher level might do them as well.Enjoy the exercises and click HERE

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Coming back

Hello to everybody!

Here we are again after holidays, with new projects and trying to refresh our English. Although I haven't done too much on holiday I'd like to give you some links to start with:

  • Pronunciation: in this link you have some tips (pequeños consejos) to pronounce English better. It's in Spanish but it's quite useful. Click here

  • Writing: how to write an e-mail in English. This link is not for learning English eaxactly but it's for learning how to do it properly. The tips are very useful even if you write e-mails in Spanish, and it gives you clues (pistas) to do it better. The page is in English but I think you won't have problems to understand it. Click here

  • Music: here you have the song "Someone I used to know" with lyrics. It's quite useful to refresh your past tense and a good example of the expression "used to", something you did in the past but you don't do any more in the present, like the meaning of this song. Click here

I hope to see you at school. Remember we start class in October.

More tips for the exam

Writing: here you are an exa mple of an email with some tips or this one and this example Listening: again go to this link to practise...