miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2019

Past simple - WAS/WERE

In class we saw past simple of the verb to be. Remember that we use it in this way:
  • WAS ---- in singular; e.g. I was tired yesterday, she was very nice
  • WERE ---- in plural; e.g. There were many people, we were at home
  • Remember: you were a small girl   but   you were small girls
If you want to practise, there are many exercises like these ones:
If you want to review present simple, this is a video that can help you.
This is another video that you can use: click here

To finish with, here is there a video with an old but beautiful song: The House of the Rising Sun

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2019

There is / There are and prepositions

In few words, you use it in this way:
  • THERE IS: for singular ;  there's a chair;  there isn't much light here
  • THERE ARE: for plural;  there are some pictures but there aren't any photos
This link is very useful to see this: click here
You can go to a previous entry to work with this grammar point  but there are some more  here:
See you in class!

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2019


There are many lists of vocabulary of clothes. Here are there some examples:
If you like Mr. Bean, here is there a video to work with present continuous. Enjoy it!

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2019

Present continuous and habitual present

In lesson 9 we start with present continuous. Remember the difference between both:

  • habitual present is connected to habits, something you usually and it is used with frequency adverbs such as always, usually, some times, never...
  • present continuous is something punctual or for a period of time, something particular, not habitual.
These are links with exercises to practise:
This link is with an explanation and exercises at the end: click here

More tips for the exam

Writing: here you are an exa mple of an email with some tips or this one and this example Listening: again go to this link to practise...