lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

New link for the exams

Isabel, one of my students of NB2, has sent this link of the exams in Valencia. Once you are here you have to click on Anglés and you'll unload the zip files. You have time to do some more practice if you want.

The oral marks are published tomorrow June, 15 and I'll be at school on June, 16 from 9,30h to 10h if you need anything.

Go on preparing the exam and mind these basic rules for the writing part:
  • Be careful with the topic and the number of words; read the taks several times and think of what you are expected to do
  • Take notes to organise your writing but don't write it twice; you'll waste time
  • Leave a couple of minutes at the end to revise the final writing
  • Mind these typical mistakes:
  1. every verb must have a subject; be careful if it's 3rd person in singular of habitual present: Is a beautiful place; it have a cathedralLista numerada
  2. mind modals without to+infinitive; don't write I can't to go or I must to do it
  3. no plural for adjectives (things are differents) and remember to use adjectives before nouns (they are children very intelligent)
  4. revise the correct form between singular and plural: that people, she work, this cars, the childrens are, our lifes
  5. be careful with possessives and personal pronouns: his husband, ours children, he's Sylvia, it's my, I work with she
Remember you have to be accurate and varied, not original or creative. Try to show what you can do not what you can't or what you would like to do.

To finish with,remember that even if you failed the oral exam and you're thinking of trying to pass it in September, come to the rest of the exam next Friday. You'll have a better idea of what to expect in September.

See you and good luck

More tips for the exam

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