sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

Practising oral and speaking exams

I'll try to find as many conversations as possible about general topics which are included in the oral tests such as "Going to a restaurant". Here you are some examples of listening comprehension which can help you when you take the oral test (and you'll practise listening at the same time).
  • exercise 1: this is a model of conversation. Do the reading exercise and then do the listening comprehnsion ( if you don't see it or you want to use it repetedly, use this link)
  • exercise 2: this exercise is much more difficult but you can try it. Onece you've done the listening comprehension, go through the script to see the vocabulary and practise the dialogue. This is a good example of American English.
  • exercise 3: this is quite simple but with a strong American accent. Good to practise orally.
  • exercise 4: this exercise is more difficult, also in American English and the quality of the sound is not really good but it's very natural and real, with a lot of vocabulary. Have a try.
  • exercise 5: if you are not tired, try this. A higher level although it's supposed to be pre-intermediate. Again, American English. Enjoy the video included in this page.
  • exercise 6: this link is a complete section. You've got a text (with audio) and then you have some exercises to do (one of them is the previous exercise so it's done)
I know it's a lot of work. Take your time and do your best.

See you in class.

A new grammar web page

Hello to everybody.
Here you are a new link for grammar. You can find plenty of exercises, explanations and a lot of things to do. What is a point in this page is that the exercises are thought in a context, not just isolated sentences, so you can see beter how to use tenses in particular. Have a look and tell me what you think of it.
See you in class

Greetings from York

Hi, everybody! I'm in York, a beautiful city in the north of England. I'm in a course about intercultural communication but I also ...