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Purpose, Cause and Reason clauses

As the own name indicates, these clauses are used to express the purpose, why the action is done.
  • I went to the market to buy some fruit
There are some possible forms to introduce purpose clauses:
  • TO + infinitive / IN ORDER TO + infinitive (SO AS TO + infinitive)
  • IN ORDER NOT TO + inifinitive / SO AS NOT TO + infinitive
  • SO THAT + Subject + Verb
Look at these examples:
  • I visited the doctor to lose weight
  • I visited the doctor in order to lose weight
  • I visited the doctor in order not to have health probles for losing weight
  • I visited the doctor so that he could give me some advice to lose weight
Notice that FOR+ -ing form is also possible but the infinitve form is much more common. 
If you want to get a further explanation you can go to this link; click here
For practising, you can do these exercises:
In unit 7.2 the book deals with purpose, cause and result clauses so you can go to this link to see a long explanation and an exercise at the end but it's of a much higher level; click here
Remember there is a link between the three kinds of clauses and it depends on you and what you want to say to use one or another.

  • I went to the pub to meet my friends
  • I went to the pub because I wanted to meet my friends
  • I wanted to see my friends so I went to the pub
To finish with, let's see the different forms and meanings of SO:
  • SO + adjective: She's so nice
  • SO MUCH + singular/uncountable nouns  and   SO MANY + plural: I don't have so much money but I have so many coins
  • SO THAT+S+V: I bought some medicine so that she could have it
  • SO .... THAT .... : She was so tired that she went to bed
  • Some expressions: and SO on; I think/hope SO; Do you like it? SO,SO
  • You can also go to this link; click here
To finish with, here you have this song to see the use of infinitive of purpose: what can I do to make you love me?

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