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The use of article

Although I've already talked about this many times, I'd rather explain it one more time. Apart from the explanation in your text book (p.91) you can use these simple rules.

We use the article in this way:
  • A / AN = one (1)    meaning one in a general way, like in these examples:
                                 I'm a student; I saw a cat; Can I have a biscuit?
  • THE = this / these , that is, to express this person, animal or thing is determinate, specific:
                                I took the book back to the library   (the book=that book)

  • NO ARTICLE = when it's used in a general plural or uncountable; let's see the examples:
                                I love animals   Sam doesn't like sugar very much

As I've told you this is a brief summary of all the rules connected to the use of articles; if you want to know more about this and do some practice go to these links:
  • a good but long explanation is here or this shorter one with exercises; click here
  • exercise 0 (very simple)    exercise 1    exercise 2     exercise 3    and if you want a list of exercises click here
  • as you have problems with the last/last and the next/next, go to this exercise to parctise.

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