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A2.1 - The end of the term

This is a summary of the things we've already seen in class in these three months:
  • the verb TO BE and presentations: What's your name? How old are you? Where are you from?
  • habitual present and routines: I live in Alcalá, I usually go to work by car, I never play golf
  • my hobbies and what I like: I love cinema, I often go out with friends, I hate going shopping
  • to speak about people (3rd person in singular with -s): Peter has breakfast at home
  • to tell the time: What time is it? It's quarter to nine (it's 9.45)
  • your family and friends: My sister is a nurse and she works in a hospital in Madrid
  • the food you eat: vocabulary and principal meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • to describe things: A glass is something I use to drink water, wine, milk...
  • prepositions of time: IN - a period of time (in July, in the morning...); ON - with days (on Monday, on holyday...) AT - festivities or times (at Christmas, at half past seven...)
  • prepostions of place: in - on - under - near - next to - far from - behind - in front of - over ...
  • different vocabularies: colours, food, numbers, characteristics (adjectives: big-small), family members, countries, professions, objects in the class and in a shop...
You have learnt a lot! Here you are my presents for you:
  • the song A big, big world: click here
  • a "difficult" grammar course of 4 minutes: click here
  • Another song that I like for you (My name is Luca): click here
  • Some Christmas carol: (Silent Night) click here (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) click here
  • This easy video is about Christmas in the UK: click here
If you want to check your level, go to this link to see what level you have: click here

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Merry Christmas teacher Pilar! And a Happy New Year! :)

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