martes, 22 de enero de 2019

Use of CAN and CAN'T

I told you in class that CAN is a modal so let's see what that means:

  • A modal verb is a verb used to say something in a particular way. It completes or modifies the following verb or action. Here are som examples:
    • Can I have your passport, please?   ----    Permission or request
    • You can't park here.   ----   Prohibition
    • You can buy a present   ----    Possibility
    • She can cook very well   ----   Ability
This modal verb is also an auxiliary so I use it to make questions or in negative forms, but pay attention that the meaning can change if you use it in those ways as you can see in the examples given above.

Another characteristic is the fact that it is followed by infinitive and you don't use -S for 3rd person in singular.

You can do these exercises to practise with this verb:
We'll review this grammar point when we finish with the exam. See you in class!

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