martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

Using ALREADY, YET and JUST with present perfect.

We've ALREADY seen present perfect this course but we haven't practised with some adverbs YET. I've JUST explained the use of these adverbs in class and I think we're ready to use them. Generally speaking, we use these adverbs in this way:
  • JUST: the action has been done short time ago. I've just seen Peter downstairs; he looks great.
  • ALREADY: it indicates the action is finished, and before than expected. My teacher has already corrected the exams.
  • YET: this shows that the action is not finished or you don't know if it's finished. I haven't seen Susan yet. Has she called you yet?
For a further explanation you can go to these links: the British Council; this one is with "ever" and "never" included, click hereNevertheless, if you have problems to understand the difference you can use this webpage in Spanish; click here
As usual, the best way it to do some exercises to practise:

I hope this will be helpful.

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